1. Go to https://isims.heart-nta.org

2. Click on 'Apply' left of screen under the MAIN NAVIGATION

3.Select option "Returning Applicants" or "New Applicants".

Under the "New Applicants" section, input data as requested.

  • Enter First Name, Last Name and TRN, then click out of the box (a processing icon will display at the top center of page, allow it to complete)

  • Proceed to select Gender, enter Date of Birth and enter Email Address. (ensure that Date of Birth format is identical to the example displayed in the box)

Under the "Returning Applicants" section, input Email Address used when first application was done and password that was created by you (the applicant).

4. Click 'Continue'

5. Check your email to get the verification code. (read the instructions)

6. Enter verification code and confirm.

7. Input data as required. (when done, click next at the end of the page and continue this process until you reach the 'Submit Application' tab)

8. Click Submit under the Submit Application tab once all required data under the previous tabs are entered.


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